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The Sovereignty Center is an entrepreneur and small business development empowerment service aimed to advance our community members. We give individuals the tools to develop sustainable careers & small businesses while successfully managing their personal finances to build wealth for future success, stability, and growth.

Small Business Owner

Our Inspiration

The Sovereignty Center was inspired by the needs of African American business owners in disadvantaged and underserved communities after the many civil unrests we have faced in the past 10 years. The Sovereignty Center aspires to develop a diverse community of Christian leaders by empowering small business owners with the knowledge, tools, and resources to successfully tap the marketplace and achieve their overall dreams.

Hardware Store Owner

Why Change Academy 

Local Family Business

Our Purpose

The purpose of Sovereignty Center is to provide a platform and interface to instigate and nurture mentoring relationships with our community of members. We seek to prepare our members for the challenges they will encounter to remain in their faith in a culture that is hostile to the things of God. we understand that even when you’re working at the highest levels of  academic and employment, you’re still working through obstacles. If you are ready to create your own future and invest in your freedom, we’ll here to help our memeber build a successful career or small business of your own. Learn how to use your determination and strength to build a brighter, more fulfilling future. Join The Change Academy By Becoming a member of The Edge.

Empowering Disciples Of God Everyday

Paying for Groceries

 Our Approach

Our program enables our community of purpose-driven members & entrepreneurs with dedicated mentors to create powerful connections, solve problems, and build successful careers, business, and live together. We strive deliver an approach that delivers quality resources to under-resourced, under-served, and disadvantaged communities around through dedicated mentoring, spiritual growth, and empowered fellowship.

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Our Activities & Events

Entrepreneurship Conference

Educational Field Trip & Tours

Career Hands-on Experience

Business & Personal

Leadership Training

Career & Business Consulting

Friendly Business Team

Our Meetings

Weekly via Zoom

Monthly In- Person

Yearly Conference

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