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The Edge

Community & Family Outreach Services

About The Edge Outreach

Edge Community & Family Outreach is a community-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing community outreach services focused on educating  and supporting individuals, families, and communities in preventative health, human, and crisis services. At Bethel, we work closely with municipalities and other organizations to develop a comprehensive plan focused on bridging the health & human services gap and eliminating the racial disparities in disadvantaged and under-served communities. 

Mission, Vision, & Values

At Edge,  our mission is to provide an environment of expertise, care, and compassion while advancing the practice of social stability through leadership, empowerment, and quality human service.


Our vision is to revolutionize transitional and rehabilitation services by being a highly professional and trusted source for our clients and the communities they come from and to create a community alliance to promote and protect the social rights of all people while working to prevent community volatility, poverty, homelessness, and hungry through research, public awareness and advocacy.


Our value is to establish a global movement of leaders to implement our programs and resources to enable all people equal independence and total integration into society worldwide.

Online Class

Social Support Services


Our community outreach specialize in providing therapeutic life service, educational & workforce development to disadvantaged adults, children, and families with a variety of social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Better People provides a multiple options that have a combination of supportive, shelter, & educational services. We also offer support services to individuals with special needs, such as mental illness, AIDS, and substance abuse histories. Bethel was developed to meet the needs of a particular population, such as disadvantaged families, people with mental illness, senior citizens, veterans, the homeless, low income working people, and a mixed special needs tenancy. Our transitional housing may be located in a single building or apartments scattered throughout many buildings around the Atlanta metro.


Cultural Health Management
Kids Doctor Checkup

Let Bethel Help You Take The Next Steps to Manage Your Health and Controlling Your Life.

Our CHO program will Increase the awareness and knowledge about health issues that disproportionately affect people of the African diaspora. Promote self-affirming health practices Strengthen the infrastructure of faith ministries and health organizations to provide culturally appropriate services.

Our SMP program is designed to help people with ongoing health problems manage them more effectively. Anyone with a chronic condition such as diabetes, arthritis, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, asthma, fibromyalgia, or any other on-going health condition should participate. Caregivers or family members who serve as caregivers are welcomed. Anyone looking to better their everyday lives are encouraged to attend.

The scope of our services for building capacity through education, access to resources, self-advocacy and compassionate service are governed by faith-centered principles and behaviors.  Our values are based on the Biblical principles of agape love, peace, compassion, integrity, power, wisdom, communication, and wholeness.  

Crisis Management Solutions

The Edge assist families with emergency rental, mortgage, or utility bills so they can maintain stability and remain in their current resident.  Bethel offer  families foods such as canned and packaged goods, we often have fresh produce, frozen meats, and fresh bread and sweets to lighten a load of food in the household.  The Edge provide hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste, deodorant, diapers, and other basic hygiene items. Bethel will also offer these parents assistance with public transportation so that they can obtain and maintain employment to support themselves and their families. All participants are required to attend our empowerment programs to cultivate, rehabilitate, and transition themselves back on a successful journey for future advancement. 



Membership Information

Welcome to The Edge Spiritual Life Institute
Everyone Is Accepted

You are joining an extraordinary movement. No matter what, we will always be here to help keep you and your loved ones healthy, safe, and full of life. And you can quickly and easily get care information online — just create a Edge membership account to get started. Start using our secure website to manage your life anytime, anywhere and any day. Because you are a Edge member, our website is your connection to great spiritual support and even greater social resources. When you register, you can securely access many timesaving tools to help you stay ahead of your life.

If you are a social service professionals and have time, talent, and a sincere passion for supporting people, a volunteer position with Edge will prove gratifying in many ways. Our volunteers can assist in counseling, training, workshops, transportation, planning special events, or workforce development programming, joining our case management team and much more. If you want the fulfillment of becoming a positive role model to a disadvantaged family or person in need you must take advantage of the opportunity to become one of our cherished volunteers.

Giving to Edge for a worthwhile cause can prove to be fun and fulfilling. Therefore, we allow corporations and local organization and businesses to partner with us in a variety of ways. Companies can sponsor a family, a conference or an entire program. Bethel also welcomes in-kind donations, sponsorship, or endorsements from its corporate partners. To learn more about corporate partnerships please contact us today.

Although your time may be limited, you can still support Edge with your generosity. Your financial contributions can go a long way in helping us continue to offer the best personal growth experience for our most challenged and most important population. Please contact us regarding programs within the organization that could use your annual financial support. We congratulate our current donor partners as their cash contributions are helping change lives for the better.

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Bethel is a federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing health and human services, education, and emergency services aimed at eliminating the community disparities in disadvantaged and underserved communities.




Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Bethel is able to sustain our work because of your generous donations of time and energy. To be added to our contact list of volunteers, please fill out our volunteer application form.


Want to volunteer for a specific training? Check out our Events Calendar here to see our upcoming scheduled trainings and events, fill out the volunteer application form below, and then return it directly to

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