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 August 08, 2022

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About Edge

What is The Edge?

The Edge is a non-denominational spiritual organization that is empowering the message of God in the land of the living. We aim to provide a spiritual gateway for all people without regards to past experiences, fears, or social position.  Whatever your story may be, you are welcome to come and actively engage in our conferences, meetings, programs, and activities. Our Mission is to Encourage Social Stability by Empowering a Spiritual Influence Upon Our Members and Our Communities Through Faith, Love, Hope, and Transformation.

Empowering Disciples of God Everyday

Spiritual Growth

Temple Talks Spiritual Reconnection, Transformation, Motivation, Inspiration, & Hope
Every Thursday
7:00 pm-8:00pm EST

Dial # 516-253-3967

Temple Talks are spiritual growth meetings aimed at promoting spiritual awareness, empower awakening, and belief in a higher power. With this in mind, we will conduct many spiritual audio, video, and live conferences on various topics in association with the word of God to develop solidarity among our member and any disciples who wishes to fellowship with us. Being part of this community is like being a global citizen, always working towards the common good of developing enormous faith, exhibiting extreme love, maintain tremendous hope while positively transforming your life.







Spiritual Ambassadors

Proudly presenting spiritual growth strategies from a diverse prospective

Founder/ Executive Ambassador

Founder/ Lead Spiritual Ambassador



The Edge was created from a vision from God, the vision to transform the way we look at fellowship, to establish a new platform for believer not as an option to leave the tradition house of worship but in turn experienced God's love and grace through a more intimacy setting. From the beginning, The Edge was to be a spiritual organization for ALL PEOPLE. A place that would be known for what we are for, who we are, and why we are not for what we are against. The Edge was created for the community as a whole to encourage, enables, and empower families to reach their full potential in life through by empowering Spiritual Leadership Conferences, Spiritual Growth Meeting, Small Groups, Motivational Speaking, Spiritual Retreats, Wealth & Health Building, and Community Outreach.



We provide full-service spiritual leadership that is designed to promote the improvement of the whole family to live complete and balanced spiritual lives. Our family services focus on methods to inspire and help all people implement new life skills that will have a direct and immediate impact on their lives. We seek to provide them a spiritual foundation for lifelong growth & success.



Multiple Dates
Jun 14, 7:00 PM

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